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Reshaping Garments

Ja De'van is a proud Independent Distributor of Ardyss International products. Each garment has unique benefits to assist you in obtaining a slimmer trimmer waistline and physique. Click on the links below to explore the benefits of each garment, and Contact Us to place your order.* To review additional Adryss International health and wellness products , please visit our site.



Ja De'van  Special

Abdo Men



Abdo Woman$48


Angel Bra



Body Fashion$110


Body Magic$110


Corselette Deluxe$80


Corset Golden$63


Panty Reshaper$56


Postpartum Girdle$110


Slim Shaper (w/Straps)$95


 *  Based  on  availability.  Price  listed  DOES  NOT  include  tax  and  shipping.  NO BACK ORDERS ALLOWED.